Edelstaal Group is big and very happy family...

Edelstaal has made a dynamic start to the 21st century with its new brand image. The new Edelstaal brand image is the symbol of a new development: the development of new techniques for healthy enjoyment and genuine culinary culture as part of a stylish social life. We believe that this culinary culture creates one of the most important conditions for mutual quality of life and, at the same time, provides the best opportunity for starting out into fulfilling professional independence. We are convinced that we can offer the innovative basis for advice that will improve the quality of life for our customers, our consultants and our partners.

Our satisfied customers all over the world have redefined their awareness of healthy enjoyment and love of life for themselves and their families. Our consultants and partners have decided on a job with us where they are responsible for their own activities and where they have found their way, full-time or part-time, through personal contact with our customers. We make constant improvements to our products in order to offer you a technologically and nutritionally optimum, innovative system combining quality, healthiness and enjoyment.

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